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Gonorrhea Test Confidential and Same Day Gonorrhea Testing
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  • Pricing: £91
  • Sample: Urine or Swab
  • Turnaround: 12 hours

Private Gonorrhea Testing in London

Gonorrhea is a common bacterial (STD) that often does not show symptoms, especially in women. In men, symptoms may be less noticeable or mistaken for other conditions. It ranks as the second most common STI in the UK after chlamydia. Testing is particularly important for pregnant women, as untreated gonorrhea can lead to serious health complications for newborns, including blindness. At the STI Clinic London, we offer quick, accurate, and confidential testing. Our services include individual gonorrhea testing, a comprehensive sexual health package, and combined testing with chlamydia. Schedule your appointment today for peace of mind and proactive health management.


Gonorrhea is caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which can grow in the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes in women, and in the urethra in both men and women. The infection can also affect the mouth, throat, and anus. It is primarily transmitted through:

  • Unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal sex with an infected person.
  • Sharing sex toys.
  • Vertical transmission from a pregnant mother to her child during birth, which can cause serious health issues such as permanent blindness in newborns.

Note: Gonorrhea cannot be transmitted through casual contact such as hugging, kissing, sharing cups, cutlery, baths, towels, or using public toilets. 

When should I get tested?

It is suggested that you test for gonorrhoea any time you have had unsafe sex with a new partner, or a partner who has unprotected sex with other partners. As the infection often does not show any symptoms, it can lead to several complications. You should get tested any time you are uncertain about health problems.


Symptoms in women:

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge, which can be watery or thin consistency, yellow or green in color
  • Burning sensation or pain at the time of urination
  • Lower abdominal pain or tenderness
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Sudden and heavy menstrual periods
  • Bleeding after intercourse

Symptoms in men:

  • Abnormal penile discharge, which can be green, yellow, or white
  • Burning sensation or pain at the time of urination
  • Testicular pain or tenderness
  • Swelling or redness of the foreskin 

What does the test include?

The test can be somewhat different for both men and women. In the case of women, a cervical swab or urine sample will be taken. For men, there is a urine test, though a swab of penile discharge will be taken when it is one of your symptoms.

What to Expect

  • Step 1

  • Preparing for the test

    For the most accurate results, we suggest you hold your urine for two hours before your appointment time. Make sure you do not have intercourse until you receive the test results.

  • Step 2

  • During the test

    You will have a consultation session with the doctor or sexual health nurse to discuss your sexual history and present symptoms. For a cervical swab, the healthcare professional will take the sample by inserting a speculum into your vagina and collecting the sample with a cotton swab. The procedure may be somewhat uncomfortable, but it should not be painful. Female doctors and nurses will always be available upon your request.

  • Step 3

  • Results

    You need to select the method of delivery for receiving your results, whether over the telephone, a hard copy in the post, by email, or by collection from our clinic.


  Price Turnaround
Gonorrhoea+ Chlamydia £91 12 hours

NOTE: If there aren’t any symptoms and you are testing for complete peace of mind, then you do not have to pay the consultation fees. However, if you are experiencing symptoms, then there is a consultation fee of £150.

There’s Only One Way to Know

Getting tested is not only quick and easy, it’s the only way to know for sure
if you do or do not have an STD.

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What happens when Gonorrhoea is not treated on time?

If not treated on time, the infection may cause several complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in women, ectopic pregnancy, or infertility. In men, gonorrhoea can affect the prostate over the long term.

How long will it take to get rid of the infection?

If your gonorrhoea infection shows any symptoms, they should clear up within a few days after you take antibiotic treatment. The infection will be cleared within two weeks. 

How long do I have to wait after the treatment before intercourse?

You should not have sex until the doctor confirms at your follow-up appointment that you are free of the infection. This will prevent you from passing it on to anyone else. It is important that your partners follow the same protocol to prevent re-infection.

When is the right time to test for gonorrhea?

Most tests can identify this infection within 5 days to 2 weeks of exposure. If a test is negative after exposure, the doctor may suggest retesting 2 weeks later, particularly if the person already has symptoms. The symptoms of Gonorrhoea usually appear from 1 day to 2 weeks after exposure."

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