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Everything you should know about STD Testing for Your Health
21 Oct 2019 |

Everything you should know about STD Testing for Your Health

STD testing may be quick and involve minimal pain but this is not included in your routine medical examinations.

Should you consult with your doctor before performing an STD test?

STD testing is not a part of the routine check-up or gynecological examination. You should be honest with the doctor about your sexual life so that they understand which tests are necessary for you.

You may feel uncomfortable to discuss STD testing but you really shouldn’t as the doctors have already seen and heard everything. Most people should get tested for an STD at least once in their lives, and this way, they can take proper care of their health.

Read on to know about some effective ways for STD testing when visiting a doctor at the STI clinic in London.

  • Do I need to be tested for STDs though I have not been earlier?
  • Have you tested me for any STDs during my past check-ups?
  • What STDs should I watch out for?
  • How will I know if I should get tested?

How will you which STD tests to perform?

Your doctor will tell you which tests you need to undergo. Make sure you discuss the following:

  • Any symptoms you have.
  • If you or your partner had an STD in the past.
  • Number of people you enjoyed sex with.
  • Anal, oral or vaginal sex you had.
  • How often you use protection such as dental dams and condoms.
  • Other things that you may have done which could increase your chances of getting infections such as sharing needles.

This will enable your doctor to know which STD tests are important for you. Make sure you are honest with them so that you get proper care for your need. Do not feel embarrassed as your doctor is always there to help you.

What happens when you get tested for STDs?

Private STD test in London is convenient, quick and usually does not cause any harm. Each STD has their own test and your doctor can determine which tests you need to undergo. Some STD testing includes the following:

  • Urine test – You need to pee in a cup.
  • A cheek swab — You rub inside your cheek by using a soft swab to test for HIV.
  • A blood test — Your doctor takes blood from the arm or finger prick.
  • A physical exam — Your doctor looks at the genital area to check for sores, rashes, warts, discharge or irritation.
  • Testing the sores — The doctor takes a sample of fluid from any blisters or sores you have by means of a swab.
  • Use a swab – By using a swab, you can discharge cell samples from the penis, urethra, vagina, cervix, throat or anus.

You can get tested for most sexually transmitted diseases even though you have or do not have any symptoms. Some STDs look the same and so, you may need to get tested for different infections.

Your doctor will be able to tell if you have an STD. Some tests take a few days or weeks to get the results from the lab. There are many clinics that perform testing for HIV and you can get the results within 20 minutes.

What should you do if you have an STD?

If you are having an STD, then this can make you feel embarrassed or upset. Try not to freak out as you are not alone.

The best thing you can do is to follow the advice of your doctor to get treated immediately. Ask your partner to get tested so that they too can get the necessary treatment, if needed. This is an important conversation for both of you in order to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Read on to know some effective tips that can be of great help.

There are different sexually transmitted diseases that can be treated by taking proper medication. On the other hand, there are some STDs that cannot be treated, and the only thing you can do is manage the symptoms and avoid from passing it on to anyone else.

People who have STDs can enjoy sex, have relationships and lead their normal lives. Most people suffer from an STD at least once and millions live with STDs these days around the world. If you too have an STD, then there is nothing to feel ashamed about as you are a human-being who got this infection. The truth is that STDs can happen to anybody who has had been sexually active with someone with this infection.

If you are passing through a difficult time, then you should depend on your partner, friend or family member for emotional support. The therapists should provide some kind of comfort if you have an STD and want to get free testing done immediately.

Where can you get an STD test done?

You can get tested for STDs at the doctor’s office or at the health clinic according to your convenience.

How much will be the cost for an STD test?

The amount you need to pay for STD testing depends on where you will go, what tests you need to undergo, your present income and if you have health insurance.

You may visit an STI clinic where the doctor will check your health condition and suggest if you need to undergo any necessary tests. This way, you will be able to stay protected from different sexually transmitted diseases and infections.