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Great Tips to Discuss about Your Sexual Needs with the Partner
25 Mar 2019 |

Great Tips to Discuss about Your Sexual Needs with the Partner

Do you want to get close to your partner and enjoy sexual intimacy? Well, just like men, women too have their own sexual needs and desires that must be fulfilled by their partner for their physical and emotional well-being. When you enjoy fulfilling sex, this will improve your quality of sleep and reduce stress. However, attaining a satisfying sex life is all about sharing your intimate requirements by communicating frankly with your partner. Though not everyone can discuss their sex life openly, this is definitely a topic worth addressing. In this blog post, we will discuss in detail the sexual health concerns of women to promote better sexual experiences.

About the Sexual Health of Women

The physical need of your body is what motivates you to enjoy sex and indulge in different sexual activities. This may lead to sexual arouse and orgasm for most men though it is not completely true in case of women. Many women seem to have several motivators and stimuli that make them feel aroused and the urge to have sexual intercourse.

Women above 40 or who have already gone through menopause, the physical desire won’t be the motivation for them to have sex. In this case, a woman may get motivated to have sex in order to show her feelings or is feeling close to her partner.

Sexual satisfaction will be different for everyone. For example, some women consider the pleasure of sexual arousal to be sufficient while others would like to experience orgasm. If you have any concerns related to your sex life or are looking for suitable ways of improve it, the best thing to do is talk to your partner about your utmost sexual desires for immense pleasure while performing sexual activities. You can also seek the help of your doctor at an STI Clinic in London who will be able to help you further.

Begin Conversation With Your Partner About Your Sexual Needs

It is not always easy to openly discuss your sexual desires, however, your partner can’t read your mind. You can share your expectations and thoughts related to sexual experiences and get close to your partner for greater sexual enjoyment. You can start the conversation in the following ways:

Talk About Your Level of Discomfort -

If you feel nervous at the time of intercourse, tell your partner about it. By opening up about your concerns, you can begin the conversation easily. Be sure to ask your partner for reassurance so that you can make sure that he/she is willing to have this conversation.

Begin Your Conversation -

After you start with the discussion, your comfort and confidence level will increase over time.

Set a Time Limit to Talk About Sex Matters -

You should not make your partner feel bored with a lengthy talk on a topic that does not interest him. Try to devote at least 15 minutes time on the topic related to sexual concerns and you might find it better to stay within your comfort zone.

Talk about your sexual desires daily –

The more you talk about your sexual needs and desires regularly, the easier it will be for you to discuss it with your partner. Thus, your partner can give you immense pleasure this way when you indulge in different sexual activities with him.

Watch a Movie or Read a Book Together –

You can ask your partner to read a book on women's sexual health or recommend sections that mainly highlight on your concerns. You can also use a movie scene for the starting point of your discussion. At the same time, you can also see your doctor at a sexual health clinic in London and ask him to tell your partner about your sexual desires if you feel uncomfortable.

Different Sexual Topics to Discuss With Your Partner

When speaking with your partner about your sexual desires, make sure you focus on these specific topics:

Spend More Time With Your Partner –

Do both of you have sufficient time to enjoy sexual intimacy? If your answer is no, then what can you do to change things? How can both of you prioritise sexual intimacy? You both need to think about how you will be able to support each other and enjoy extreme pleasure in your sexual life.

Discuss the Challenges Faced in Your Relationship –

Both you and your partner should talk about any challenges faced that might be the reason for interference in your sex life. Also, look for suitable ways to address them so that you can enjoy a better sex life.

Make Your Romance Life Memorable –

Is the definition of a romantic life the same for both of you? It is not unlikely that the spark may go missing after a few years of marriage. It is extremely important to know how romance can bring back the sexual intimacy with your partner.

Enjoy Extreme Pleasure in Your Sex Life –

You should always be willing to listen to your partner’s request and negotiate on the differences when one feels uncomfortable with other’s request. Feel free to discuss the sexual activities that you do not feel comfortable with when enjoying sex with your partner

Talk About Your Routine Sex Life –

You should always be willing to listen to your partner’s request and negotiate on the differences when one feels uncomfortable with other’s request. Feel free to discuss the sexual activities that you do not feel comfortable with when enjoying sex with your partner.

Talk About Your Routine Sex Life –

Do you feel that your sex life has become extremely boring and predictable? Well, this is the exact time when you really need to make certain changes to make sex more enjoyable and relaxing. For example, explore new techniques or different times to have intercourse. Try out some sensual massage, cuddling, oral sex, self-stimulation or the use of a vibrator that might interest you. Also, discuss what you like, what you do not like and new things you would like to try out.

Share About the Level of Emotional Intimacy –

Sex is actually a lot more than a physical activity. It is a great way to build emotional connection with your partner that brings closeness in the relationship. Try to overcome the pressure when it is about having intercourse or getting an orgasm. Enjoy the touch, kiss of each other and feel emotionally and physically close.

Change in Your Emotional and Physical Needs –

Are physical changes like weight gain, sudden illness, hormonal changes and changes after surgery affecting your sex life to a great extent? You can also discuss your emotional factors that might interfere with the ability to enjoy different sexual activities such as feeling depressed or stressed.

Discuss About Your Expectations and Beliefs –

You can always discuss your beliefs and expectations related to sexuality. Consider whether certain misconceptions like the idea that women having less interest in sex after menopause are affecting their sex life.

How to Manage Different Sexual Needs of Women

The sexual needs of each woman are different from the next. Several factors may affect your sexual appetite like illness, stress and aging to family, social commitments and career. Whatever might be the cause, differences in your sexual desire between partners may cause feelings of frustration, isolation, resentment or rejection. You may talk to your partner about:

Your Intimacy Needs –

Intimacy is much more than fulfilling your sexual desires. In simple words, intimacy includes physical, emotional, spiritual and recreational needs. If your emotional intimacy needs are not fulfilled, then you will not have much interest to indulge in sex. Find out more about different ways on how your partner can improve your emotional intimacy and discuss it openly and honestly with him.

Your Differences in Sexual Desire –

Couples might experience different levels of sexual intimacy in case of long term relationships. Try to discover other options and talk about the differences that can satisfy the sexual needs of both.

If any of you find any difficulty in enjoying sexual activities, it is advised to see your doctor at the private sexual health clinic in London and get instant help to improve your sex life. If you are highly concerned about your intimate desires and are already under medication, let your doctor know about it. If you have any physical symptoms like vaginal dryness that seems to interfere with your sexual enjoyment, then get proper treatment done immediately. Thus, taking a lubricant or other medication may help you to get away with vaginal dryness related to hormonal changes or other factors.