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STD You Might Have Without Knowing about it
05 Jun 2019 |

STD You Might Have Without Knowing about it

Some people believe that testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases is one way to avoid STDs. Although it is one way to reduce the risk of being affected by STD, it is not the most reliable way. Even with the practice of safe sex, use of condoms and dams, STDs can still be a risk. Due to this, it is important that you take full responsibility for your sexual health.

Sometimes, one can be infected with STDs, and may not know it. It helps to be extra careful when it comes to sexual health. To do this, it requires proper screening of HIV tests and other STD tests. STI Clinic London is there to help with STD screening. You can simply reach out to us today.

Reasons You May Not Know You Have An Std

Getting a clean bill of health after your regular visit to the doctor does not necessarily mean that you do not have to worry about STDs. That is a very dangerous assumption because it can lead to an outbreak of disease at dangerous, perhaps fatal stages.

We at have taken the time to explain to you why you might not be aware that you have STD.

You Have Not Been Tested For Stds

This is the primary reason why people may not know when they have STDs. This is because they assume that they have already been tested for STDs, when in fact they have not been tested. They assume that HIV test and other STD tests are part of normal routine medical tests. Unfortunately, this is not true. Doctors will not usually test you for STDs unless you request for it.

To be sure of your sexual health status, you must inform your doctor on the list of tests you want to be carried out. However, you should remember that the STD test results will probably come out negative, only for the ones you were tested for.

You Were Given The Wrong Test

Specifically, there is no actual right test. However, depending on some factors like circumstances and sometimes, population, there are tests that can be less accurate. STI clinic in London will ensure that every STD test results have been subjected to an accurate method of diagnosis.

You Were Tested Too Soon

There are some STDs that do not manifest symptoms as soon as you get infected, and hence cannot be detected at its early stages. A good example of such an STD is syphilis. These STDs can lie dormant in the body for an extended period before they begin to show symptoms or are triggered by a factor.

The reason why some STDs cannot be detected during HIV tests and other STD tests is that, in most cases, the pathogen itself is not being hunted for. Instead, the antibody response is the one under scrutiny. If these antibodies are not found, it is assumed that you are not infected. The truth is, it takes time for antibodies to develop in response to infection by a pathogen.

You Were Not Tested For The STD You Have

Due to the fact that they are not common, or that they do not cause fatal problems if not treated, some STDs are not tested commercially. In some instances, doctors do not bother testing for them because they are uncommon. A good example is Molluscum contagiosum. Molluscum contagiosum is not commonly tested during HIV tests and other STD tests because it is assumed that whoever is infected will experience symptoms and that it usually does not leave any dangerous side effects.

Also, other STDs like rectal chlamydia or anal cancer are not usually tested for because they are not so common, or because the doctor might be uncomfortable asking questions that could determine if you are at risk.

Inaccurate Test Results

There is always the problem of false-positive results and false-negative results when it comes to STD test results. As a result of this, a false negative result can lead you to believe that you do not have any STDs, when in fact you might. The outcome of STD test results are dependent on certain factors, the population included.

Although there are measures taken to ensure the accuracy of the diagnosis of STDs, the issue of false positives and negatives are still to be considered. The primary thing to worry about is the disease you want to test for, and the test or diagnosis used for it.


Regular conduction of HIV tests and other STD tests at a private STD clinic remains important in detecting and preventing STDs. However, it doesn't guarantee that you will have negative STD test results all the time. The bright side to it is that it makes it more likely to detect an STD you might have.

With the right precautions taken, your chances of having STDs are almost none. Keeping this in mind will help you make better choices on staying healthy. Give us a call today on 020 71830649 to book appointments with us.